The Place of Amber's Employment
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Sports Injury Clinics of the United States

American Bodyworks
5150 N. 6th # 104, Fresno, CA 93710
Tel: (559) 222-4802 Fax: (559) 222-4802

Sports Therapy for the athlete and athletic minded.
Improved performance and injury reduction thru soft tissue manipulation.

Amber  worked at Crescent Jewelers. She worked at a child care center, after studying
child development and graduating from Fresno City College in 1997.
Then she turned to massage as a profession.

She completed 540 hours of training at Golden State College, a vocational school
with campuses in Fresno and other valley cities. She passed a standard
criminal background check done by Fresno police on massage therapists.
She rented space at American Bodyworks, a therapeutic massage business
where many of the clients are athletes or people suffering from injuries.

Damien Berg, who owns American Bodyworks, crossed paths with Frey at massage school.
Berg called her a good person but can say little else because he signed a confidentiality
pact, agreeing not to talk about her.  Berg said the agreement protects both him and Frey,
and that he did not receive any money to sign the document.

"It made her more comfortable working here," he added. "I'm not going to
spread lies and rumors or anything I don't know anything about."

The confidentiality agreement keeps him from saying whether Frey ever
talked at work about Peterson.

"She's a great employee," Bery said.

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