August 3, 2003

The event was a Christmas Party, Dec. 14 at
                                                    World Sports Cafe in northeast Fresno.  Scott Peterson
                                                      and Amber Frey attended a month after meeting.

She  wore a strapless, straight-cut red evening gown, while 
                                                                Peterson chose a dark suit, a white shirt and a shiny gray tie

They appear to be a couple in a photo taken that night
                                                     in front of a
friend's Christmas tree.  His arms are
                                                             wrapped around her waist; her left hand resting on his forearm, 
                                                           the other hand clasped in his. Just a young mother on a date.

She enclosed a photo of them together in her 2002 Christmas cards,
and her father still has one in his wallet.

Ron Frey said his daughter was quickly smitten and saw a future with Peterson:
"This was the real deal in her mind." Peterson had the package. Athletic. Good looks.
Dressed up nicely and liked to go clubbing. "He appeared to have the right stuff."

Amber Frey has said that Peterson told her he was single. He was living in a house on
Covena Avenue in Modesto where his wife had decorated a
Laci Peterson was eight months pregnant.

Scott Peterson told Frey that he would not be around for the holidays because he
was going to Paris. Authorities believe he killed his wife in their home Dec. 23 or 24.

In late December, Frey began having questions about Peterson and she asked a
private detective she knew to make some checks. The detective identified Peterson
from news coverage of Laci Peterson's disappearance, which was reported Dec. 24.

Frey contacted Modesto police Dec. 30, and police did not immediately disclose her
identity to a hungry media. Speculation soon began, however, about Peterson having
a girlfriend who lived in the Fresno area. On Jan. 24, Fresno television reporter
Sontaya Rose, then working for KGPE Channel 47, learned Frey's identity and
hustled over to
American Bodyworks with a camera crew.

Frey hid out there all day, refusing to go on camera for an interview. Modesto police whisked
her away late in the afternoon. They took her to Modesto, where she had little time to
freshen up before facing dozens of reporters and television cameras. As a result, she
appeared with "
messy, dirty-blond hair," according to a description in Vanity Fair magazine.

When Frey appeared before cameras in May to announce that she had hired attorney
Gloria Allred, she sported
light blond hair cascading to her shoulders and noticeable
eye makeup. Cable television pundits suggested that her new look might compromise
her credibility as a witness in the Peterson case.

Ron Frey maintained that his daughter had no makeover, and, in a convoluted
explanation, said of the two images: "It wasn't that she was more blond
(the second time). It's that she was more brown the first time."