Soon after the birth of "Baby Latham" in 1965, she was given
up for adoption by her mother,
Jackie Latham.  Welcomed into the
well-adjusted Grady family, she lived a happy life. Then, in the late
1990s, she came back into contact with her mother, now Jackie
Peterson, and her family—including Jackie's son
Scott Peterson
and his wife,
Laci. Anne was welcomed into the family, and over
the next several years she grew close to Scott and, especially,
Laci. Together they shared holidays, family reunions and
even a trip to Disneyland. Anne and Laci became pregnant
at roughly the same time, and the two became confidantes

Then, on Christmas Eve 2002, Laci Peterson went missing—
and the happy facade of the
Peterson family slowly began to
crumble. Anne rushed to the family's aid, helping in the search
for Laci and even allowing Scott to stay in her home while police
tried to find his wife. Yet Scott's behavior grew increasingly
bizarre during the search, and Anne grew suspicious that her
brother knew more than he was telling. Finally she began
keeping a list of his disturbing behavior. And, by the time
Laci's body—and that of her unborn son,
Conner—were found,
Anne was becoming convinced: Her brother Scott Peterson
had murdered his wife and unborn child in cold blood.

The book written by Scott Peterson's half-sister paints the
now-familiar picture of him as a lying philanderer fixated on
himself and uninterested in the search for his missing wife.

But it also sheds new light on Jackie Peterson, describing
her as a mother willing to go to any lengths to save her son.

After she connected with her birth mother, Jackie,she grew close
to all the Petersons but felt the deepest connection to Scott,
in part because their physical resemblance was so strong.

"He really was the golden boy," Bird wrote. "He was a
real charmer, the kind of guy who lights up a room. I had
always considered myself a good judge of character, and
I thought Scott was about as solid and genuine as they came."

Bird offered her half-brother a guest room in her
house after Laci's disappearance, when he was
being hounded by the media.  It was just a short drive to
the Berkeley Marina where Laci and Conner were found.

While her husband was suspicious of Peterson early on,
Bird supported him. When her husband pointed out that
Peterson never seemed upset and never mentioned his
missing wife, Bird suggested he might just be traumatized.

"When are you going to stop making excuses
for him?" her husband responded.

As Peterson's behavior grew more strange,
Bird wrote that she began to doubt his innocence.
Some examples, as depicted in the book:

— He flirted with Bird's 22-year-old baby sitter.

— He surfed Internet porn sites from Bird's home computer.

— He dismissed Amber Frey as a "down and dirty"
fling and told Bird about having sex with two
strangers in an airplane's bathroom on a long flight.

Jackie Peterson's actions also bothered Bird, who noticed
being critical of her daughter-in-law. Jackie Peterson
once called Bird to complain about the "by-the-book" wording
of a thank-you card Laci had sent, according to the book.

On another occasion, she wrote that her mother told Bird's
baby sitter: "I wish Scott could meet someone like you."

The 214-page book closes with a chapter about Bird's
final visit to Peterson in jail a little more than a month
ago. He assured her he would be released after his
appeals. She went out to the parking lot and cried.

"Scott was going to be locked away for the rest of his life, and it
wasn't registering," she wrote. "He thought it was temporary.
I guess they all do. I guess that's how they survive."

Jackie Peterson also tried to persuade Bird
to testify during the penalty phase of Peterson's
double-murder trial, but she refused.

"She would go to any lengths to save him, do anything for
her little boy, fight to the death if she had to," Bird wrote.

Peterson was convicted in November, and a jury
recommended the death penalty the following
month. A judge will sentence him
March 16.


"May your family have peace.
I am truly sorry for your great losses."


-Two of Scotts cousins said he
was investigated in connection
with the disappearance of
Kristen Smart, the girl from
San Luis Obispo missing
since 1966.

-When I asked about his new
hair color he said it was
bleached in the swimming
pool up in Mammoth
when he  was there skiing.

-Despite what Jackie said on
TV about Scott and Laci's
"perfect marriage" on three
separate occasions before
Laci disappeared, Jackie
told me Scott and Laci
were having problems.
Anne's Album