"When thoughts of her cross your minds, be still in
silence and feel her presence through the love of
God or he will unite them together one day again."

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The Modesto home in which Scott Peterson
likely killed his pregnant wife,
Laci, is for sale.

Prudential California  listed the three-bedroom, two-bath
"cottage-bungalow" at 523 Covena Ave. for $379,996.

Police found no physical evidence of Laci Peterson's murder at the
home, though prosecutors repeatedly said her husband killed her
there. In December, jurors
sentenced the fertilizer salesman to death.

Realtor Mary Prieto said a strict screening process will keep people
obsessed with the high-profile case from touring the 1,770-square-
foot home, built in 1949. Prospective buyers began calling Tuesday,
she said, even though she didn't put a for-sale sign in the yard.

Before seeing the home, people must fill out a lengthy preapproval
application, submit to an interview with Prieto and sign a confidentiality
agreement, for example, they cannot take pictures or video, she said.

"I don't think any looky-loo is going to want
to go through that process," Prieto said.

Peterson's rights to the property evaporated with his conviction.
His parents, however, might have a legal interest because he used the
house as
collateral for a loan they gave him to help fund his defense.

Lee and Jackie Peterson agreed to the sale, said Adam
Stewart, a Modesto attorney representing Laci Peterson's
Sharon Rocha.   Stewart said the parties
haven't agreed on how to divide proceeds of a sale.

Though state law requires sellers to disclose crimes that occurred
on listed properties, authorities were unable to prove where
Peterson murdered his pregnant wife and unborn son.

Prieto said attorneys prepared a disclosure on the Peterson house,
and it does not identify the home as the crime scene. A detailed
description on her company's Web site doesn't either.

Prudential California did not inflate or deflate the asking
price of $379,996 because of the home's notoriety, Prieto
said, but based it solely on comparisons of nearby sales.
The asking price works out to $214 per square foot.

For example, a house with the same number of
bedrooms and bathrooms a block away sold in
September for $355,000, according to

Property records show Scott and Laci Peterson bought the home in
October 2000 for $177,000. He did some remodeling and had a
wimming pool installed in the back yard, according to trial testimony.

In April 2003, shortly after Scott Peterson was arrested, Modesto real
estate agent Patrick Wallace estimated the home's value at about
$275,000. Property values across the region have since soared.

Whether Laci Peterson was murdered at home may remain a mystery
forever. But what happened there since has been scrutinized by millions
intrigued with the disappearance of the pretty substitute teacher.

Well-wishers turned the front yard into a shrine for the victims soon after
the bodies of mother and son were recovered in April 2003 on the shore
of San Francisco Bay near where Peterson said he had gone fishing.

People again flocked to the home after jurors declared Peterson guilty
in November, leaving a mass of flowers, candles and stuffed animals.

Peterson home hits market: $379,996
May 12, 2005 - Full Story
Home probably will sell quickly

Well-publicized slayings of O.J. Simpson's
ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in Los Angeles
and of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in Colorado
cut into the appraised value of their homes,
Laguna Beach appraiser Randall Bell
told The Bee in April 2003.

But Prieto said Tuesday she senses the Peterson
home will move quickly, based on initial interest.

A neighbor broke into the home before
Peterson's arrest, while he was out of town.
The burglar drank alcohol and left with items
including underwear, a videocamera with
footage of Laci and her wedding dress.

Members of Laci's family removed several
truckloads of items from the home in
May 2003. Lee Peterson equated that
burglary of his son's home.

Lee and Jackie Peterson stayed in the home
several times before their son and his trial
were moved to Redwood City. Lee Peterson
once emerged
carrying a shotgun and
said they didn't feel safe in Modesto.

"The home has been the subject of a lot of disagreements over the last 2 years
now," Stewart said. "This should
put some of those issues aside."

Next-door neighbor Karen Servas, who found
the Peterson's dog with its leash still attached wandering alone in the street the day Laci
was reported missing, said she is
"ready for new neighbors."

"I trust the process that Sharon and Ron
are going through," Servas said. "Looking
back at Laci and her life, maybe it's time
for a new family to move in who can
honor her. I'm looking forward to that."
523 Covena Ave
Modesto, CA, 95354
MLS#: 50036691
Price: $379,996
Peterson house a quick sale