January 28, 2003
Interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC's Good Morning America

Scott Peterson said he understands people are suspicious because he is Laci Peterson's
husband and he was having an affair. However, he claimed he told police about
the affair with Amber Frey immediately after Laci Peterson disapppeared.

Note:(Peterson lied in this interview - He never told the police of his relationship with
Amber Frey and denied that relationship to them on December 30, 2002.)

He said he had never tried to conceal his affair with the massage therapist from investigators.

"I told the police immediately," Peterson told Sawyer.

When the newswoman pressed for a more specific time frame, Peterson said he
told them on Christmas Eve, the night he reported his 27-year-old spouse missing.

"Yeah, from Dec. 24 on," he said.

In fact, police learned of the affair from Frey, who began secretly cooperating with
them on Dec. 30, and Peterson did not confess the relationship until after
Jan. 24, when his mistress held a
press conference at the police station.

He decided to speak out after a month of silence because the suspicion about
his involvement in Laci's disappearance had distracted the public from the search.

Peterson told Sawyer that Laci was aware of the affair.
It was not positive, obviously, you know, it was inappropriate,"
he said. "
But it was not something that we weren't dealing with."

Peterson said he continued seeing Frey despite having confessed the relationship to his wife.

He says he and his wife never even had a fight over his extramarital affair,
adding that he never laid a hand on Laci and hopes to find her alive.

Peterson:    "You know, I can't say that even, you know, she was OK with the idea,
but it wasn't it wasn't anything that would break us apart,"

"Do you really expect people to believe that an eight-and-a-half-month
pregnant woman learns her husband has had an affair and is saintly and
casual about it, accommodating, makes a peace with it?"
Sawyer asked.

"No one knows our relationship but us," Peterson said.

Sawyer:      "What kind of marriage was it?"

Peterson:    "God, the first word that comes to mind is, you know, glorious. I mean
we took care of each other, very well. She
was amazing. She is amazing."

Peterson spoke of his missing wife in the past tense before hastily correcting himself.

Peterson described his marriage as "glorious" even though he admitted to cheating on his
pregnant wife. " Did he slip up by saying......
"She was amazing. She is amazing." (past tense)

Asked about the baby boy due within weeks, he responded: "That was, it's so hard." (past tense)

Sawyer:      "You haven't mentioned your son."

Peterson:    "Hmm. [Long pause] That was, it's so hard. I can't go in there.    [Referring to
baby's room.] That door is closed until there's someone to put in there."
*(Police learned it had been converted to a storage room when they served a search warrant Feb.18, 2003

He stated he routinely cuts his hands in his work on farms, and showed his hands in
response to reports that police had found blood in one of his and Laci's vehicles.

When Diane Sawyer pressed him about whether or not he had taken a polygraph, he put on his "act."
He leaned close, lowered his voice, and spoke in a kind of intimate way toward her. What he said
"It wouldn't be appropriate for me to talk about that, wouldn't be appropriate..."

Sawyer asked Peterson directly whether he murdered his wife.

Sawyer: "I think everybody at home wants the answer to the same question:
"Did you murder your wife?"

Peterson:   "No. No. I did not. And I had absolutely nothing to do with her disappearance.
And you use the word murder and right now every one is looking for a body. And
that is the hardest thing because that is not a possible resolution for us. To
use the word murder and -- yes, and that is a possibility. It's not one we're
ready to accept and it creeps in my mind late at night and early in the morning
and during the day all we can think about is the right resolution to find her.

Peterson: "Violence towards women is unapproachable,"   "It is the most disgusting act, to me."

In the one-and-a-half-hour interview with ABC NEWS, Peterson
was composed at moments, and soaked in tears at others.

Peterson: "In the morning I've been taking the dog down to the park where she walked,"  "It was our
time. It's a way to experience her now, for me. A lot of times I can't make it very far," he said, crying.

Peterson says he understands that police immediately looked at him went Laci went missing.

Peterson: "It's turned to me, one, because I'm her husband," "And it turned to me because
of the inappropriate romantic [relationship]  that I had with Amber Frey."

Scott Peterson says he never loved Frey and can't even explain why he
pursued a relationship with her or why he continued it after telling his wife.

Peterson: "That's a question you should have an answer to definitely, and I don't know,"