A baby girl is born, 1943, named Jacqueline.  She has two older brothers and two years later
she will have a younger brother, Robert..  A tragedy hits the family when her father
John Latham, is murdered a few days before Christmas,  December 21, 1945....she was
2 1/2 years old, the third of four children, and was mostly raised by Catholic nuns --

Jackie Peterson's widowed mother had trouble caring for her children, and when Jackie was 5,
she was sent to a Catholic home for children that she describes today as "basically an orphanage."

For a time, the nuns who ran the school permitted just weekly visits with her mother, Helen Latham.
Gradually, the restrictions were eased -- but Jackie Peterson was only 18 when her mother died.

-1963, a child is born to an unwed mother.  The baby is called, baby Latham
and a private adoption is arranged for this boy who we later know is named
Don Chapman.  Years later, he finds his birth mother, Jackie Peterson.

-In 1965, she becomes pregnant again, this time with "baby girl Latham".
Again a private adoption  is arranged and the child is named
Anne Grady.   
She, too, will eventually locate her birth mother, Jackie Peterson.

-1966 Jackie again has a child, a boy she names John E. Latham. She keeps this son and
brings him to her marriage to Lee Peterson in 1971 and he takes the Peterson name.  We
know him as John Peterson. There is no proof provided that he was adopted by Lee.

A year later, October 24, 1972, she gives birth to another son,
Scott Peterson.  He is the only child born to Lee & Jackie.

I  was also  told by a friend of  Anne Grady Bird  that,  yes, there were three different
father's for the 3 children Jackie had out of wedlock, and that Lee is not John's birth
father.  There is nothing to dispute this. There are also 3 different newspaper articles
recounting the death of Jackie's father which I hope to post soon.

Jackie's mother's name was Leeta Helen Hixon.  She was called Helen.
Leeta's sister Peggy,  was one of the guardians for the minor children  after Leeta Helen died.
RTE66  found that Jackie's youngest brother named his daughter Leeta, after his mother-- 

One may ask why this info on the family is important.   We are trying to figure the
mindset of Scott.  If Jackie was on her own early, had children she adopted out and
made no mention of them until just before Scott was did Scott react?
Does he have no regard for a life?  Does he feel people are disposable?   We know
now there have been lies by the family.  As when it was in print that Lee and Jackie
raised all the children who were brought into the marriage, including Don Chapman
and Anne Grady.  We know now
this is untrue.  We also know the "Golf Scholarship"
isn't true.   So was Scott raised in a family that lies it's way through life?
Is this Scott's mindset?  Did they raise a

A psychiatrist agrees;
The brutal crime opened a painful chapter in the life of Scott's mother Jackie and a
top forensic psychiatrist believes the trauma could even have impacted Scott.

"Children whose parents are murdered never get over it, and they pass their
trauma along unconsciously to the next generation," renowned forensic
psychiatrist  Andrew Hodges told the



**"I'm very anxious to have this (trial) over with, to have the truth come out,"
said Jackie Peterson, Scott's mom, who was wearing an oxygen mask.
She said she needs a lung transplant because of chronic bronchitis.