Potential Juror Has Connection To Scott & Laci
May 6, 2004

A man whose future son-in-law once worked side-by-side with Laci Peterson and
now owns the San Luis Obispo restaurant that Scott and Laci Peterson once
owned was qualified for the jury pool in
Scott Peterson's murder trial today.

The man, a retiree who owns a boat berthed at the Brisbane marina, said his fiance's son
currently owns
The Shack, an eatery popular with California Polytechnic University,
San Luis Obispo students that Scott and Laci owned from 1997 to 1999. The potential
juror said his future son-in-law only worked for the couple for a brief period of time.

"He only worked for him for about six weeks," the potential juror said.
"He saw more of Laci . . . He ended up working with her side by side."

The prospective juror said he had expressed an opinion at least once that Peterson was
likely guilty of killing his eight-months pregnant wife and unborn son but that the opinion
was casual and mostly done just to be agreeable in conversation. He told defense attorney Mark
Geragos that he could easily put the opinion aside and give Peterson the presumption of innocence.

The prospective juror has served on juries twice before, once in a criminal
case and once in a civil case, and finds jury service "pleasurable."

"I enjoyed being on them. It was interesting and I enjoyed seeing the system work," the potential juror said.

The criminal jury he was on acquitted the defendant and the civil jury did not deliberate because
a settlement was reached before the case went to the jury, according to the prospective juror.

The potential juror also admitted that he had visited to the Berkeley marina,
where Scott  went fishing the day of his wife's disappearance, by land in the past.

The man was qualified after extensive but pleasant questioning by both Geragos and prosecutor Dave Harris. Geragos had several whispered conversations with fellow defense attorney Pat Harris, no relation to the prosecutor, and defense jury consultant Jo Ellan Dimitrius but raised no objection to the prospective juror.



May Justice Prevail

May Justice Prevail
This Juror was originally Alternate #3, but in a turn of events, he
became Juror #5 on 11-10-04, after two jurors were dismissed