Six men and six women were selected Thursday to form the panel
that decideD whether Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife.
-JUROR 1 (11175 ) - A white man in his 30s-40s has coached children's sports.  He said his years
coaching have taught him to respect everyone's opinion. "I'm not a person who says 'This is the
way it is, straight up'". The little he knew about the case he learned from his co-workers, who
think Scott is guilty. He said he could keep an open mind.  "I would want to have somebody give me
get a fair shake as much as possible".

-JUROR 2   (8510 ) - A  white man, a California native, appears to be in his 50s has been on two juries,
one criminal and one civil, each rendering a verdict.  He consulted with his priest to see if voting for
death in a death penalty case was acceptable. "It was just a problem with sleeping at night, thinking
I had something to do with putting someone to death".  His priest reassured him he could serve on a
Capital Jury, explaining "There's God's Law and Man's Law, and you have to follow both."  The juror
has worked at the same job for 34 years.  He admitted to reading about the case and called the
murders "hideous". Geragos objected to this juror after he was excused from the courtroom,  because
he consulted  his priest.  Delucchi qualified this juror.

JUROR 3 (23874)  - A woman who appears to be white or Latina and in her 30s. She works for a county
agency determining eligibility for public assistance. Investigators who work for her agency are sworn
peace officers, but one of her sisters is a former Santa Clara County public defender. "I tend to really
want to do what's in the best interest of whoever it is I'm serving," she said when asked about being a
fair juror.  She is working on her master's degree, and said she came into the trial with no preconceived
notions about Scott's innocence and could be a fair juror. She said if one of her own family members was
on trial, she would want someone like herself on the jury because she has no biases.

-JUROR 4 (4741)  - A former Colma community service police officer, an officer in a labor union, and a
former U.S. Marine - Now works as a quality-assurance manager for Georgia Pacific, appears to be in
his40s, said he could vote for the death penalty, but that it depended on the circumstances of the case.
He joked with the judge about whether he would be paid if he were picked for the jury.  "I hope so," the
prospective juror chuckled. "I hope so, too," Delucchi replied. "You're going to be here half the year."
He had said in his questionnaire that he did not know enough about the case to form an opinion on
whether Peterson killed his wife, Laci Peterson, 27, and the couple's unborn son.  a bear of man with
gold-rimmed glasses, and an easy courtoom manner, posed an interesting riddle for attorneys looking
to pick jurors more sympathetic to their sides. The prospective juror said he was a former Marine and
community-service police officer willing to consider the death penalty. But he also said he had been
arrested for trying to buy alcohol under- age and for assault and battery on a police officer. The latter
charges were dismissed, he said. "I was arrested on occasions and I didn't do anything," he said.
"The point is, if you're arrested, that doesn't mean you're guilty. It's that simple."

-JUROR 5 - (9997) A man who's future son-in-law once worked side-by-side with Laci at The Shack,  was
Alternate #3, has replace the Jury Foreman, the second Juror #5, who has been dismissed from jury.
on 11-10-04.

-Second Former Juror 5  (5806)- A man who is a doctor and an attorney has replaced Juror #5 and was
chosen as
Jury Foreman during deliberations, was dismissed 11-10-04.

-First Former Juror #5 -(20840) - A man, who is an airport screener collecting disability for an injury
UPDATED 6/17/04       -JUROR DISMISSED 6/23/04

JUROR 6 FOREMAN (17903) - A young, white male who serves as a paramedic on a fire engine
replaced the second Juror #5 as Foreman for the Jury, on Nov 10, 2004.

-JUROR 7 - (6756 - full description) NEW ON 11/9/04 - NICKNAME
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE" for her pink clothing and bright pink hair.  A mother of 4 with 9 tatoos.
Was originally Alternate #2 then #1 after juror #5  was replaced a second time.

-Former Juror 7 was (6869) - A woman in her 50's who works for  Pacific Gas & Electric was
dismissed on Nov. 9, 2004 for misconduct and replaced by the new Alternate #1
who was formerly Alternate #2

-JUROR 8 (18106) -Teamster --A man who works for a truck company and works the graveyard
shift at his job, and sometimes picks up extra hours during the day.  "Either I'm working or sleeping."
; A portly, jovial white man who appears to be in his 50s. He's a Teamster who went through a messy
divorce and works the graveyard shift doing "field audits." His in-laws sued him and he had "a
problem" with a restraining order his ex-wife sought against him in connection with the divorce. Both
issues were settled. He's heard people talking about Peterson's case "at the track," but said work
and sleep left him little time to follow it. Describes himself as "hardheaded."  Lives with roommates
who think Peterson is guilty.

-JUROR 9 (8659 ) - A woman with sandy blonde hair who works in an administrative job for a bio-
technology company was the first to make the cut. Although she made it, the court had to take her back
into chambers to discuss her relationship with her first husband. The woman said her first husband
had been convicted of murdering another woman, before the juror and he married. She also said that
after he was incarcerated, he was murdered while serving his sentence. After returning to the court-
room, the woman said the episode in her life would not affect her judgement. "I'm going to do what I
think is right," she said.

A white woman with a raspy voice who appears to be in her 40s. Married with school aged children. 
Said she is "truthful to a fault" and has occaisionally offended friends with her unvarnished opinions. 
She watched the USA movie about the case, but felt it was unbiased and did not lead her to form an
opinion.  She enjoys sewing.

-JUROR 11 (24023 ) - An African American woman in her 40's, who is a chief accountant at her firm.
She was very nervous and laughed nervously a lot during voir dire.  She gave brief answers to most
questions and appeared guarded. Someone close to her had lost a child, and she previously had a
bad experience while serving on a civil jury but wouldn't elaborate. When asked if she is stubborn,
she replied, "Definitely not."  Geragos was very complimentary of her answers on her questionnaire.
This is the only African-American in the jury pool. She said she had a relative, now dead, who was a
deputy sheriff, but that, that would not affect her if she was selected for the jury panel. She could be
fair, she said.

-JUROR 12 (17901) - A social worker who handles adoptions. Wearing black and has  long blonde
hair,  A white woman and member of the Executive Women's Golf Association who appears to be in
her 30s or 40s  is divorced or widowed. A former social worker who handled child abuse cases, she
now works in adoptions. She has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice but has mixed views of law
enforcement, saying some police approached child abuse cases with little commitment.  She now 
handles adoptions for the County social services agency  and told the court she used to investigate
child- abuse cases. She wrote on her survey that her experiences working with law enforcement on
those cases were not always good, but assured prosecutor Rick Distaso she did not have bias against
police officers.

Alt #1 -
5806 - A man who is a doctor and an attorney - HAS REPLACED JUROR #5 AFTER  DISMISSED
Alt #2 -
6756 - A white woman with 4 children and 9 tatoos. REPLACED JUROR #7 AFTER DISMISSED
ON 11-9-04

Alt #3 -
9997 - A man whose future son-in-law once worked side-by-side with Laci  REPLACED THE

Alt #4 - 8613 - A white woman who appears to be in her 40s whose husband thinks Peterson is guilty.
Alt #5 -
6917 - A woman who is a retired human resources worker
Alt #6 -
29773 - A British man who works for a nearby city