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tribute to Laci & Conner, and to the Rocha family.
Laci & Conner will always be in our hearts."

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Remembrance and Hope
April 21, 2003
Feb. 10 was supposed to have been a joyous date in Laci Peterson's
life, the birth of her first child, a son she was to name
Instead, the day was marked by solemn displays of remembrance and hope

The students in the Village Yoga Center in McHenry Village cried, prayed and shared stories
about the missing Modesto woman. She was set to graduate Monday, the expected due date
of her first child. The class taught exercise and relaxation techniques to pregnant women.

Peterson's yoga classmates released balloons and hung a plaque
on the center's wall where Peterson used to exercise.

"Everyone thinks about how Laci is gone," said Elizabeth Te Velde, a yoga student who
gave birth to her daughter Charlotte shortly after Peterson joined the yoga class.

"There's a little baby out there that we would all like to know. And when
I'm in this class, I can still feel her energy here," Te Velde said.

In another ceremony, Peterson's sister, Amy, and friends met just after sunset in East La Loma Park
near her Covena Avenue home to mark the date Peterson was to give birth to her son, Connor.

Her husband, Scott, was home Monday but did not participate in the park observance.

In two television interviews, he said he will continue to search
for his wife, who was reported missing Christmas Eve.

"It's hard to go on," he said on KTXL-Fox 40 News.

The candlelight vigil was marked by the reading of poems
and a prayer led by Laci's friend Heather Sutton.

"On behalf of Laci's family and friends, this day means a lot to us," Sutton said.
"We thought it would be appropriate to join together and light candles to honor Laci
and Connor, and to carry this message to everyone praying for their safe return."

The mood was sad and hushed at the evening gathering,
mirroring the small yoga group's memorial held earlier.

Of the five women in the yoga class, Peterson had the latest due date. She
started the class eight months ago, shortly after learning she was pregnant.

"We were in the middle and end of our pregnancies and it was nice seeing someone
who was just beginning hers," Te Velde said. "I was really looking forward to
getting to know her and, as she got further along, to act as a guide to her."

Peterson joined the yoga classes in the summer, but missed the first few classes because she
was having dizzy spells, said Debbie Wolski, course instructor and co-owner of the yoga center.

"We can all remember her coming in with that big smile and then immediately
heading into the bathroom," Wolski said, and the other women laughed. "That
was Laci. She was always 10 minutes late and always hit the bathroom first."

It was one of the few light moments during Monday's gathering.
Mostly, the women cried and expressed their fears.

"Everyone is feeling a loss, the emptiness," Wolski said, fighting back
tears. "I really thought I could get through this without crying."

The students said the ordeal has affected them tremendously. At the end of Monday's hour
long meeting, the students released a bouquet of blue and yellow balloons for Peterson.

"Wouldn't it be neat if they landed where she is?" asked Indi Wilcox, another student in the class.

The candlelight vigil began at about 6 p.m. in East La Loma Park.

Sutton began by reading a prepared statement that included
a poem entitled '
Footprints.' Then she led a prayer.

Sutton stood at the center of a small crowd of about 25 people, mostly Laci's friends and
family. The group was surrounded by at least two dozen reporters and camera crews.

Following the prayer, Sutton reached down and cued a song
by Avril Lavigne. The song was entitled, "I'm With You."  

"I'm standing on a bridge

I'm waiting in the dark

I thought that you'd be here by now

There's nothing but the rain

No footsteps on the ground

I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone trying to find me?

Won't someone please take me home?"

As the song played, many of Laci's friends stood together and cried
gracefully. The candlelight illuminated solemn faces shiny with tears.

Afterward, Sutton thanked everyone for attending and politely requested
the media allow Laci's family and friends to continue the vigil alone.

"Thank you to each one of you for being here this evening," she said.
"I know it means a lot to her family and friends. And to Laci, your family
and friends will not give up until you and Connor come home to us."