Sept.9, 2003 National Enquirer
Laci's Autopsy Report
by Don Gentile and Michael Hanrahan
inset is a copy of the

Autopsy Report - BELOW
The Enquirer has uncovered  bombshell
new details from the autopsy report of Laci Peterson

And the dramatic findings destroy claims by Scott's legal team that Laci was killed and dismembered
by killers who cut her unborn child from her body, according to a top expert who analyzed the new
information.  Scott has been charged with the murders of Laci and her unborn son

"All this satanic cult business that Peterson's lawyer Mark Geragos is throwing around
shows that he is full of hot gases," forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz told the NE.

The new details about Laci are contained in a report labeled "Autopsy Diagnoses,"
a summary of the condition of her body after it was found.

The report which was obtained by the NE was prepared by Contra Costa County
Brian Peterson.  He conducted the autopsy on Laci and it states,
"There is no evidence of tool marks" on the skeletal remains.

"That's significant," said Dr. Spitz.  "It means a device like a saw or hatchet was not
used to cut up the body as Scott's lawyers are saying."  According to the report, Laci's
body was absent "each radius, each ulna and both hands." Said Dr. Spitz:
"It means she had no arms right up to the elbow."

"The elbows are the weakest joints.  With no evidence of tool marks, the arms probably
detached at the elbows from the natural movement of water over the body for many months."

The report states that Laci's head was gone as well as cervical (neck) vertebrae (numbers) 1-6. 
Dr. Spitz said this is another indication Laci was not beheaded.  "The sixth vertebra is down on the
neck between the shoulder blades, not a spot where it's easy to cut someone's head off."

Laci's body was also missing the right foot and the left leg below the knee,
as well as all the major organs of the chest and abdominal cavity-
and the lungs, heart, bowels, liver and spleen, according to the report.

Laci still had her uterus but there was an opening near the top part of it.  Her cervix
was "intact and closed."  This means the unborn child did not emerge from the birth
canal but from that opening near the top of the uterus," said Dr. Spitz.

Decomposition of Laci's body was the most likely cause of the opening, not a knife as
some news reports have claimed.  "The uterus is the last part of a woman's body to
decompose, so it would protect the unborn child until the last," said Spitz.
"That's why the infant's remains were in better condition than his mother."

Laci also had fractures to the 5th and 6th ribs on the left side of her body and the 9th
rib on her right side. "If you draw a straight line from the fractured ribs on the left to
the fractured rib on the right, you get a steep angle downward," said Dr. Spitz. "I've
seen wounds like this.  They are caused by boat propeller blades- not satanic cults!"
Name: Peterson, Laci        aka: Doe Jane         
Date 04/14/03 Time: 1830 Hrs
Finish Time: 2200 hrs.
Place of Death: Richmond, California

Sex: Female                   
Race: Caucasian


1.) Female body with:

A.   Absence of each radius, each ulna and both hands     

B.   Absence of both feet and left tibia and fibula

C.   Absence of head and cervical vertebrae 1-6      

D.   Absence of thoracoabdominal viscera

2.) Gravid uterus:  fetus, placenta and the umbilical cord absent, with opening
       near fundus.  Cervix intact and closed.

3.)  Extensive changes of immersion, postmortem animal feeding, tidal effect
        and decomposition, estimated postmortem interval : months

4.)  Multiple rib fractures (left 5 and 6, right 9)


COMMENTS: The absence of body parts  in this case may simply be attributable
to postmortem change, animal feeding, and tidal action , there is no evidence of
Tool marks on remaining bones of the extremites or on the thoracic vertebral
column.  Toxicology  testing performed on skeletal muscle is positive only for
caffeine and PEA (decomposition product.)
"Prayers and thoughts are with the Family at this time of sorrow"
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