From:  RTE66    Apr-19, 2003
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There'll be an Easter egg hunt in heaven,
Tomorrow just after dawn.
I see Laci's got the baskets
And she's putting her bonnet on.
The Little One doesn't know what to think;
He's too young to comprehend.
But his mom's making all the plans--
Every bunny, chick and hen.

She picked the prettiest baskets,
Pink for her--and for him, baby blue.
Next came deciding which grass to choose,
Of the softest pastel hue.

What about a pillow of downy cotton?
Needn't worry about the price.
Or a comfy nest of ribboned paper?
Yes, she thought, that would be nice.

Now it's time to dye the eggs:
"Oh, Connor, we'll have so much fun!
We'll have purples and pinks;
Oranges, chartreuse and even a golden one!"

The little wire dipper worked overtime,
In and out of the colored water.
Heaven's kitchen smelled slightly of vinegar,
But smiled on Its newest daughter.

One was green for the grass, one aquamarine;
A goldenrod yellow for sunflowers.
A sage one for Martha, a lilac just 'cause,
The coloring went on for hours.

When all the eggs were done just right,
Laci's thoughts turned to Easter candy.
Chocolate bunnies, with cute little names;
Whatever in heaven was handy.

There were Cadbury chicken eggs, Elmer's gold bricks,
Russell Stover truffles (by the Missus);
Not to mention Peeps in purple and yellow,
Scoops of jelly beans and Hershey's kisses.

Now for the goodies, Laci mused to herself,
Wondering where's the closest WeBeToys?
At the corner of HeavensGate and Cloud Street,
She saw a sign, "This way to Boys'."

There were Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels,
Little green soldiers by the bucketful.
Cowboys, horses, and space aliens,
But she chose the ducky-pull.

He's just a little boy, she sighed,
Not big enough yet for those things...
I like this little ducky
And maybe that game with the rings.

"I can't wait for the smile on his tiny face
When he sees what Mommy has done ..."
Her voice trailed off, lost in angel thoughts.
"*I*'m Mommy," she said. "And that's my *son.*"

"What are we doing here? What is this place?
What is that bell that rings?
How did I get here, with Connor, no less?
Why do we both have wings?"

Laci, my dear, it's the Greatest Gift
To sit next to the throne of God.
You got there too soon, that's oh, so true,
Yet it's far from the Earthly Sod.

So, be the best Angel you can be
And hold Connor so close to your breast.
Play games, sing songs, greet Gramps and Granny--
Make it a joyous Lovefest.

We'll hold a picture close to us
"In Memory of Laci, 27"
And Connor, no longer "missing,"
But at the Easter egg hunt in Heaven.


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