RTE66 - March 31, 2003

This list is just former addresses, rented or owned, and isn't the comprehensive listing of their
owned properties--such as the Tuolumne place. This is all public info found in non-fee searches,
in conjunction with the paid search report posted at WS, and can be found in San Diego County,
San Luis Obispo County and  several  other public records online. Since the dates
are kinda screwy, I'm going to list these in the order they appear in the report.

[Note: I listed the users of the address in chronological order using the initial start date,
with newest at top and oldest at bottom in the names list under each address.
Also note that 6/01 is the cutoff date throughout the report.]

PO Box 853 - Solana Beach, CA
Scott L. Peterson - 8/96-8/97
Joe A. Peterson - 1/98-6/01
Lee A. Peterson - 11/98-6/01
John E. Peterson - 9/99-6/01

[No one else is using this PO Box publicly (online) at this time, nor are the Petersons. The
closest one in public use is PO Box 850, which is for Torrey Pines Insurance. Since Lee and
Jackie still live in Solana Beach, this may still be a PO Box they use, along with John.]

4986 Santa Monica - San Diego, CA 
John E. Peterson - 5/98-2/01

[This is at Ocean Beach, one block from the beach. I thought it was an apartment
complex, because there are several people listed as residents there.
However, there is also abusiness listing, with a suite #--so I'm not so sure what this is.

3940 La Salle - San Diego, CA
John E. Peterson - 12/97-10/00
I thought it might be industrial, but there are several residents
listed as living there, so it must be a small apartment complex or building.
There are several surfboard manufacturers and woodworkers in the same block.]

PO Box 12 - Morro Bay 93443
PO Box 12 - San Luis Obispo 93406
PO Box 2 - Morro Bay 93443 [Note: I think this is
a mistake & should be *12* instead of *2*]
John E. Peterson (MB) - 11/96
Jackie Peterson (MB) - 10/90-6/01
Lee Peterson (MB) - 2/91-6/01
Scott Peterson (MB) - 8/91-12/92
Jackie Peterson (SLO) - 6/91-12/92
Lee Peterson (SLO) - 9/90-1/96

9822 Waples - La Jolla, CA
Joe A. Peterson - 4/00
Janey Peterson - 4/00
John E. Peterson - 2/96
Lee Peterson - 4/90-12/92
Scott Peterson - 10/92-12/92

[Note: This is the address I've had all along for several of the Peterson companies in the San Diego area:
San Diego Crating & Packing; Fragil Pak; Art-Antique Express. The first two were found in a 1994
business directory I had and the last one, which is a newer company, lists it online as current,
complete with the 92037 zip code for La Jolla. Perhaps the newer company took over the smaller
space and the two larger onesmoved to the Poway address][Waples St. is in an industrial area.
It runs from the 9300 block to the 9800 block (but the street name is being extended).
John E. Peterson - 11/95
Carroll Apartments
9494 Carroll Canyon Rd San Diego, CA 92126-4034
(858) 271-4032
[88 resident names in reverse search]
PO Box 43 - Rancho Santa Fe
PO Box 5881 - Rancho Santa Fe [Note: I think this is a mistake]

John E. Peterson - 1/90
Jackie Peterson - 4/84-12/91; 10/84; 9/90-12/90
Lee Peterson - 10/84; 1/88-11/89
Lee Peterson (5881) - 7/92
Scott Peterson - 12/91

[No one is publicly using this PO Box online currently, but it is obviously an old one, from the
years when the family lived in Rancho Santa Fe. Funny how the newspaper articles always
make a point of saying that iswhere Scott was from originally.]


5440 Beverly - San Diego, CA
John E. Peterson - 4/89
[5440 Beverly does show up on a map, but not on reverse address search,even tho the map
says it's only the 1000-1999 blocks of that street.Looks like it's just the old main part of San
Diego, but East San Diego  and far north of downtown, not as far east as Lemon Grove.]

1045 Beverly - Vista, CA
John E. Peterson - undated
[This is another previous addy I had for *a* John E. Peterson, without any dates; this was not in
the paid search report. I am including it only because the brother Mark A. Peterson lives in
Vista currently. Also, I do know there is at least one otherJohn E. Peterson in Vista, and another
different John Peterson, as well.] [The person currently at that addy must be unlisted.
Both 1040 and 1050show resident listings, on each side of 1045.]


12678 Brookprinter Pl - Poway, CA
Joe A. Peterson - 12/98; 9/99 - 10/00
Lee Peterson - 1/00

[This is the current address shown for all the Peterson companies, including: San Diego Crating &
Packing; Fragil Pak; Fragile Pak; Crate & Ship;  Art-Antiques Express. Note that
Joe (Joseph A.) Peterson
is nearly always listed as the public contact for the companies (except the BBB listing, which shows
Lee and Jackie are the owners of the registered company name. IOW, I don't know if Joe is
actually running the company, or rather if he is the most available person on a day-to-day basis.]

[This May 10th sales date is most likely when they bought the building, as there
is a matching property deed entry in the SD County clerk's office.]

San Diego County Comparable
January - December 2001
12678 Brookprinter Pl  $1,064,500
Poway 92064 0294725
*San Diego Crating & Packing
12678 Brookprinter Place
Poway, CA 92064
USA TEL: 858-748 ...
Alphabetical Company Listing Poway Business Park Association

San Diego Crating & Packing  - Joe Peterson
12678 Brookprinter Pl
Poway CA 92064-6809
(858)748-0100 Fax: (858)748-0600

Art Antiques Express  - Joe Peterson
12678 Brookprinter Place
Poway CA 92064-6809

[Maybe the owner before Petersons? Or maybe the lessor?]
Daisy Software Marketing Group
12678 Brookprinter Pl
Poway CA 92064
PO Box 2822 - Fallbrook
Joe A. Peterson - 12/97
Lee Peterson - 11/98

[Not found to be currently in use publicly online. This PO Box coincides with period
when Lee and Jackie had a residential address in Fallbrook.]

6909 Petit Court - San Diego, CA
Janey Peterson - 1/88- 6/01; 3/97 - 1/99
Joe A. Peterson - 10/84; 7/94-6/01
Theodore Francis Kaminski - 3/76-6/94 -
Listed as office address for tile contracting business

[No current resident listings--apparently unlisted; however, there are residential
listings for house numbers on both sides, so this is most likely not a commercial site,
even though it is a business address for one family member.]

[Last sale seems to have been in August, 1998. Joe & Janey Peterson bought property from
Mary Peterson Kaminski on that date. Mary is the wife of Theodore Francis Kaminski, who
listed this address for his business. Mary is almost 2 years older than Lee, but I haven't yet
established exactly how they are related--whether she is his sister or not.  She married Kaminski
when  she was 46, so she may also have had anotherprevious married name that I don't know.]