September 16, 2003


new pictures: James Soares giving interview to David Thompson

Charged with the heinous murder of his pregnant wife Laci and their unborn son Conner
April 18,
Scott Peterson is being housed in the Stanislaus County Jail in Modesto., awaiting
trial.  In the cell next to him was three time loser James Soares, aka inmate No. 534993.
Twice convicted of home invasion burglaries in 1986 and 1987, Soares was sentenced to life
behind bars last year after being found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting his then live in
girlfriend with a deadly weapon.  He is currently fighting for a new trial.  Now, in an
exclusive interview with Globe, Soares 39, who was shackled while talking to our reporter,
tells his story of Scott Peterson's shocking life behind bars and the surprising secrets
he says Peterson revealed during their intimate talks.

Accused wife killer Scott Peterson is a remorseless, coldhearted man, who shows no regret
over the losses of his wife and child, says fellow inmate James Soares. This is the chilling
portrait of  evil  the veteran jailbird paints of Peterson after 2 and a half months
of intimate contact with Scott.

"I've been with a lot of scary, heartless people over the years and Scott is one of the
scariest," Soares, who was in cell D 12 next to Peterson's cell D 11, tells Globe.

"He rarely shows any emotionat all." "He
spends most of the day with a smile on his face
and a blank look in his eyes." "I've been locked up with murderers,  you can sometimes
see the pain in their eyes over taking another person's life- but I don't see that with Scott."

Soares also makes shocking allegations concerning Peterson's life behind bars and the
stunning secrets he says the suspected wife killer disclosed to him.  These include Peterson's:

Talk of gay sex with another inmate.
2. Obsession with former mistress Amber Frey.
3. Blaming Laci for ruining his plans by getting pregnant
4. Regular use of the drug Ecstasy.

Peterson- who was issued a
red prison uniform, the color accused murderers wear- learned
the brutal reality of prison life shortly after he arrived.  Soares says a buzz swept through
the jailhouse that another inmate forced Peterson to give him oral sex.

"They say it was a big, beefy guy who was threatening Scott since his first day in jail," he
says.  "A number of other inmates tell me that Scott was scared to death of the guy."

"They say Scott was on his bed in his jail cell and the man thrust his crotch up against the
open bars and ordered him to preform sex."  "They said the man told Scott he'd be hurt
unless he got on with it. Scott panicked and obeyed him out of fear for his life."

"Whenever I asked Scott about it, he'd start to choke up and look like he was going to cry.
  He always tried to change the subject.  He was really freaked out by what happened.'
"But he told me he complained to the guards about the incident  so now there's much tighter
security around him."  Still, Peterson gets little sympathy from his fellow inmates.

"Most of the other guys in here hate Scott because they believe he's a baby killer," says
the convict.  Ironically in
Globe's June 17 issue, drag queen Victor Cordeiro claimed that
Peterson picked him up at a gay bar in Nov. 2000 and had gay sex with him in the house
Scott shared with his wife Laci.

But according to inmate Soares, the most chilling thing about Peterson was the lack of
feeling he showed for pregnant Laci.  Peterson has also talked about his dog
an 8 year old golden retriever, more than his lost wife and child.

"I hardly ever hear him talk about Laci or his kid." reveals Soares.  "He misses the dog
more than he misses Laci and Connor." When he did mention Laci, it was to blame her for
ruining his plans, claims Soares.  "Scott said he was disappointed when Laci became
pregnant because he didn't want to have kids with her and start a family."  "His plan had
been for just the two of them to travel the world.  He'd been forced to change all his plans."

Instead, the accused killer seemed obsessed with blond Amber, a 28 year old massage
therapist and single mom he'd been secretly having an affair with under Laci's nose.

"Scott says he's
still in love with Amber," the convict says.  "He says she has a body like
a godess.  He thinks she's beautiful." "He says he still wants to be with Amber Frey.  He
had fun with her because she was more of a party girl than Laci." Rather than showing
remorse for his dead wife, Peterson openly lusted after women he watched on TV,
including Jennifer Lopez.  "He said he thought she was great looking and
that he'd like to have sex with her."

Soares says he got to know Scott pretty well from their talks and the time they spent
watching TV and playing chess.  During one conversation, Scott confessed that he had
regularly used illegal drugs before his arrest and his favorite was Ecstasy, often called
the love pill because it amplifies the sensation of touch.

"Scott told me he frequently used Ecstasy," says Soares.  "And he still has a chance to get
illegal substances, despite being locked up.  Alot of drugs come through the jail and he
has plenty of opportunities to get his hands on some.  Scott has also been getting drunk
in jail by drinking homemade wine which inmates ferment using fruit.  It doesn't taste
great, but it does the job.  Scott certainly enjoys it."

Soares says Peterson asked him a lot of questions about fishing.  Scott claims he was
fishing for sturgeon in the San Franscisco Bay when Laci disappeared.  "Its very clear to
me that Scott knows nothing about sturgeon fishing, says Soares.  "I've been fishing for
sturgeon since I was a kid and if Scott went fishing in a 14 foot boat like he says he
did, a sturgeon would have pulled him all over the ocean."

Soares says Scott spent a lot of time reading books about fishing and asked me to get him
fishing magazines with articles about sturgeon so they weren't registered in his name."
"It looks to me like he's reading as much as possible about it so he knows what he is
talking about if he's asked in court."

One day when they watched golf on the color TV located in the corridor outside their cells,
Soares says Peterson made a shocking request. 'He said he wanted me to take his golf clubs
out of the house he shared with his wife, " says the inmate, who is fighting for an early
relaease. "He wanted me to have them, but it was to be our secret."  He said I  could have
them as a gift as long as I promised not to give them to anyone else.  He was really anxious
that no one else got hold of them.   The way Scott was talking about the clubs and getting
them out of the house makes me believe they are connected to the murder."

And while Peterson never admitted taking part in the horrible murder, Soares says the
accused killer's manner gave him the chills.  "The guy is like ice," says Soares.
"I don't think he has a heart."



May the Truth be Told