November 6, 2003

Scott Peterson might have had up to six extramarital flings,
defense lawyers will use his alleged bed-hopping to debunk
debunk  claims he killed his wife to be with gal pal
Amber Frey.

The legal counter-punch would try to prove Petersonhad no reason
to kill for Frey, a 28-year-old
massage therapist, because he was
happy just running around behind Laci's back, according to
defense sources and others familiar with their strategy.

Authorities have theorized that Peterson, a Modesto
fertilizer salesman, murdered Laci and their unborn son,
Conner, so he could clear the way to take up with Frey.

But if prosecutors push that theory, Peterson's defense is
ready to admit the Frey affair was merely one of many.

The Fox News Channel yesterday quoted a family relative, who said
Scott had at least three affairs.  "He has a
sexual problem and
has a need to sleep with other women," the relative told Fox.

Lead defense lawyer Mark Geragos was not available for comment yesterday. A DA
spokesman conceded that the new allegations could be a wild card at Peterson's trial.

"It's hard to say which way that would land," said John Goold, chief deputy DA.
"Both sides could have different arguments on the issue."

The series of affairs, if ever used as evidence, would surely be a slippery slope for
one side or another, said Fox News Channel legal editor Stan Goldman.

"The prosecution should probably not put all its eggs in that basket, that Amber Frey
was the sole motive for killing his wife," said Goldman, a law professor at Loyola
Marymount University in Los Angeles. "If it turns out that he had many other
girlfriends, then Amber Frey becomes less and less important."

"But on the other hand, the prosecution could still argue that it wasn't one woman that
was the motive to kill his wife, but rather that it was a
world of women," Goldman added.

Pregnant Laci, 27, vanished on Christmas Eve while Scott, 31, allegedly went on a solo
fishing trip in San Francisco Bay. The remains of her and Conner
washed ashore in
April near San Francisco, leading to Peterson's arrest days later.

Yesterday was supposed to be the sixth day of testimony in Scott Peterson's preliminary
hearing, as prosecutors try to show a judge there's enough evidence to order a trial.

But no witnesses ever took the stand. Proceedings have been slowed by schedule
conflicts with witnesses and defense lawyer Geragos' trial schedule in Los Angeles. The
main defense mouthpiece had to rush back to L.A. this week to argue an ongoing case.


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