To the family and friends of Laci and Conner,

     I remember the day that I heard this story, and it has never left me. 
I am a mother myself but my children are small still.
I can't imagine the hurt and anger that has colored your lives. 
While most people would seek revenge, you put your feeling to something that will actually
change laws and lives for other people, and that has a lot to be said for itself.
I am only 33 but in the course of the last few years I have lost my best friend, my little sister,
my younger brother and his middle child (my nephew-he was 21 months) and my brother in law. 
I can't fathom, still yet, the pain that you must feel. 
Laci and Conner have not died in vain and that may be the greatest gift that you have given them, next to life.
I hope that whatever the outcome of Scott's trial that the truth be told
and the guilty party or parties be put to death. 
I have always thought that he was guilty just by looking in his eyes, there's something missing. 
I wish you great closure with this new law being brought forth, and the trial as well. 
Eventually you can breathe and say it's over. 
As for Laci and Conner, I have learned that as long as you continue to love them and know they loved you,
they will never be gone from your heart, they may be absent from the day to day things,
but they will forever be a part of you as long as you never let the love leave you.

Respectfully, Grace Cuneo Caudill