I  wanted to tell you what a GREAT site you have put together!
I'm sure Laci and Conner are smiling from above and Laci is
shaking her head in disbelief over why the whole country has adopted
the two of them into their hearts and made them a part of their family.

I read she never really felt she was special and she would say she
didn't understand why anyone thought that because all she was
doing was smiling and telling jokes not for the attention but,
to make the people around her smile and laugh.

Thank-You for giving so many of us who have a special place in
our hearts and lives a site to come to and remember Laci and Conner
with respect and love and also to remind us of what a gift life is and
to live each and every day as though it were your last because this
has reminded us in a very sad and tragic manner that this may turn
out to be the last day of our lives with our loved ones.

We need to always tell the people we love that they are special and
forever in our hearts and how much they are loved.

This is so hard to understand and believe that a husband and a father
could be so selfish and sick that he would believe he had the right
to take life and death in his own hands and take someone so
happy and kind and loving from all who loved her, and all of us
who never knew her in life that only in death have we met and
realized what a wonderful person Laci was and is and
without a doubt Conner would have brought as much love
and happiness to everyone around him as well!

God Bless You!

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Adopted in The Hearts Of So Many