"God be with you and always
Remember her for Who She Was"
Jerra Morgan * Lubbock TX * Guestbook

To Laci's family:

I want you all to know that you have been in my
prayers since this horrible tragedy began. This was
and is a beautiful young woman whose beautiful smile
captured the heart of the entire nation and the world

As I look at her I think of my own children and my
heart is broken for you. No one should ever have
to go thru what you have as a family. She deserved
better than this, as did the baby that she carried. Our
children are our heritage and as parents when we
entrust them to the ones they choose to marry we
expect them to be treated with respect and dignity.

We raise them from infants and watch them grow
into adulthood always hoping and praying that
they will be happy and safe. Unfortunately this
did not happen in Laci's case. Though her life
was cut short she left an impact on all of us who
followed this case and we will never forget her.

To Sharon, I want to say that you have been a shining
example of courage in the mist of tragedy. You and
your family sought justice and saw that it was handed
it out to the one who deserved it. He will one day
pay to a higher judge who will show no mercy for such
a horrible act of injustice to another human being.

Two years ago I was blessed with my first beautiful
grandson. I can only imagine how horrible your
suffering must be, knowing that you will never hold
baby Conner in your arms on this earth. But one day
you will see them both again and you will hold them
both again. Though I know this is little consolation
now, take comfort in knowing that this is not
the end. You will all be together again one
day and you will never be separated again.

I am thankful that the jury sought and found the truth
and that justice was handed down both in the trial
and the penalty phase of this case. I pray that God
will bless you and comfort you and give you peace
as a family. Laci and Conner will never be forgotten
by this country. God now holds them both in
His hands. Her life and her smile will linger in
my heart forever and your family will as well.

My heart and my prayers go out to each of you.

Wanda Mosley
Meridian, Mississippi
A poem for Laci:

I wish I would of met you
to hear all the great
things you would say
to see all the great
things you would do

I wish I would of met you
to see the smile that we
will always remember
to see the eyes prettier
than the leafs in September

I wish I would of met you
to say everything that
needed to be said

I wish I would of met you
to see the wonderful
life that you lead

R.I.P. Laci and Conner,
may you both forever
be in our hearts and
prayers, we love you!

Thank You,
Brian from Pennsylvania

God bless everyone that
helped bring Scott to
justice, and God bless
everyone that spent
hourless days and
nights searching for
Laci and Conner.
To Laci and Conner's
loving family,

I saw this poem a long
time ago, and thinking
of your family in your
sorrow I thought
of it again:

"No farewell words
were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before
we knew it, and
only God knows why."

Laci and Conner are safe
in Gods tender care now,
never to be harmed again.
You will forever be in the
prayers of so many people.

Nikki- Modesto, CA