"I never knew you or your family, I wish that
your family and you finally have peace. You
were made into an angel to watch over us."


Sharon and Family, I have been watching this everyday from the very beginning and all I could think was what a horrible person to take that beautiful smile away from this world let  alone
from her family and the loss of your grandson
also. I grieve for you and your family. I have experienced loss . It changed my parents drastically and it changed me, I was never
the same, my childhood was forever changed,
just as your lives are forever changed but you
need to take the time now to grieve and seek
help if you need it. I found out I had P.T.S.D.,
due to the shock. Please give yourselves the
time and privacy to grieve fully and don't let
the press be a part of that private emotion.
I send heartfelt love and prayers to you and
your whole family. There is a whole world of
people out there praying for you and willing
our love to you. Laci and Conner will forever
be together and never experience pain or disappointment again. Take Care,
LeAnna, MN
That you will all have some sense of peace
and a bit of resolution to your nightmare...
please be comforted by the fact that both
Laci and Conner are with God in Heaven
and their killer will be sentenced to a
lifetime of nightmares and hatred....
Much Love and Peace to you all
Vince and Linda
I just wanted to write the family to
say how sorry I am for your loss.  My
daughter is the same age as Laci and
I donít know what I would do if such
a terrible thing happened to her.  No
matter how much you try or how many
times we ask why we will never know
how something like this can happen. 
Laci was so beautiful and had such
a beautiful smile, a smile that touched
the world and she will never be forgotten.
My prayers are with you today and every-
day.  Please donít torture yourself asking
why, weíll never know, just comfort your-
self with the memories and know that
they are safe now. God Bless all
who knew and loved Laci,
The Turner family
Dec. 14,2004  ~Dear Sharon & Family:
Where does one begin?  How can anyone
really understand your loss, your pain,
your grief?  All we can do is tell you and
your family, our hearts break for you,
we cry for you, we hold you in our
prayers and thoughts daily. You have
carried yourself in such a dignified manner throughout this horrific, incomprehensible
ordeal, we want to commend you. At last
there is justice for Laci and Conner!! 
It's just a shame  that it will take so many
years to be carried out.  We do not believe
in the "appeals process" nor do we believe
in the "plea bargain".  If there was anything
we could do to change that, we would be
the first in line. We'll close now Sharon,
we just wanted to let you know that we
pray for you and your family every day
and will continue to do so. 
Always, in our prayers.   
Dick & Bonnie Leighton
Gardiner, Maine
Most of us can sleep better tonight, knowing
that Laci and baby are finally able to rest,
knowing mom and grandma can close
their eyes without fear, from now on.
Bless them all.  Wendi R  - Contra Costa
It is very, very sad that perfect strangers
have more grief about Laci than her former husband.  I hope that Laci's family and
friends are being comforted by the fact
that Scott did not get away with this,
no matter what. I hope that they can
begin to find some sort of peace knowing
that Scott will pay for what he has done. 
I really feel for Laci's family, especially
her mother.  When Sharon cries I see
my own mother, and how my mom would
cry if the same thing had happened to me. Please accept my support for Laci's
family and friends.  Dayna
Dear Sharon and Family of Laci,
I am writing to tell you I have followed this case
from day , I have two sister's and a Daughter,
I can't even began to imagine how horrible this
must be for you all. But I felt compelled to write
yto let you know my heart is with you all. I have prayed every day that Scott would get what he
so deserved for the devilish act he committed.
I feel that I know Laci with her beautiful smile.
I lost both of my Parents in the last few years
to illness and I know how the pain is.
Be strong for each other and remember Laci
is still with you all and she is surely in Heaven
with Conner and there now Angels looking
down on you all. I am so glad to hear Scott
got what he deserved!  My heart felt sympathy
goes out to your entire family. Every time I
think of angels I will think of your beautiful
daugther and beautiful grandson.
God Bless you all. I hope you can
have Happy Holidays knowing your
ANGELS are in heaven singing.
Cathy Lewis - Gray, Ga.
I can not even imagine the pain you feel.
There are no words to comfort you, but
know I am one of millions whose hearts
go out to you and Dennis..I'm sure Laci
and Conner are together in our Heavenly
Home and will wait to greet you both one
day. Until then, God Bless you with the
Peace only He can Give. There are
so many who care. Donna Percer.