I have been following your families
personal tragedy.... the only thing
I can say is that GOD has chosen
all of you for a very special purpose.

Laci was a beautiful girl and would
be very proud of how you have
conducted yourself in this situation.

I am a mother of children comparable
in ages to yours andI would just like
you to know that you are an inspiration.

My prayer is that God will BLESS YOU
AND YOUR FAMILY in such a way that your
pain is eased.I know it will never disappear.
But when you are finally reunited with your
beautiful Laci...whatever Gods purpose
for this tragedy was...he will smile
on all of you and say...Well Done!

Maybe He allowed this to happen to open
peoples eyes on the importance of Family.
I can only speculate, but I do believe that
when something so inconceivably difficult
happens it has a very special purpose.

I have had personal tragedy in my life and
their have been some days that I have had
to say a prayer just to put my 2 feet on the
floor to face the day.I hope in some way
this letter provides some kind of comfort...

God Bless..... jbou104795
"Laci has touched me in many ways even
though I didn't get the chance to meet her."

Flaca * TX, Lubbock * Guestbook
Through the two years  following this (story) the
one thing I try so hard to stop thinking about is:
I,  like so many others from Modesto
became so compelled to never give up
hoping to find her.   I would  be at the
memorials, went on the bike run, prayed
at her home,  prayed everyday for her
mother Sharon.  She is the one I relate to.

I have two  beautiful daughters approaching
Laci's age and I'm scared to death.  Where do
monsters like Scott come from, how are they
made that way, no one saw him coming............
.......he had everyone fooled!  He was just
your average handsome, too-good-to-be
true kind of guy.  The kind that every
mother dreams of for their daughters. 
That's a nightmare to me now.  I hope this
heartless, stoned cold, selfish liar rots in hell!

May all of the Rocha Family be blessed with
ove and happiness for the rest of your lives.

Maryann Villarreal.
"May God take you under his wing and protect you for eternity"
Seliesa Lard  ~ New Mexico ~ Guestbook