"Hope you'll find some peace in your life.
Laci and Conner will stay in our heart forever"

Christine ~ Vancouver -Canada ~ Guestbook

Dear Sharon and family of Laci,  I do  not know
you or your family personally,  but feel a common
thread somehow pulls us all together. The thread
of love for a daughter.  I have followed the story
of Laci and Conner for the last two years and
asked myself why I feel that I know you.  That
question was answered this week .  My daughter
is the same age as Laci and looks quite a bit
like her.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
on Oct. 3 and I thought of your beautiful Laci.  Her
smile lit up the world around her and I know , I
know how much she meant to you. Sharon, You
are in my thoughts and prayers every day.  Your
bright shining girl is okay,  she and Conner would
have loved to live and love their family, but this
life is fleeting , soon you will be reunited with
them.They are smiling where they are and
lighting up the world around them .  My heart
goes out to you and your family.  Peg
Dear Sharon Rocha, My name is Lisa and I'm
writing because, this  really has hit me hard.
Why, I don't know, but the feelings I get
about this whole thing is unexplainable. Maybe
because I have 3 girls of my own and I'm so
scared for them to grow up, not because I don't
want them to grow up but because of the scary
things in this world. As a mother myself my heart
truly goes out to your family and especially you.
I feel this feeling that Laci is trying to reach out
to everyone about the truth of who and how and
when this terrible tragedy happened. When you
said your
public speech about Laci missing,
"All I can hear is her calling out to me, please
help me and to come and get her"
That statement
sent chills up my spine because that pain and
anger and fear was so real, I'm so very much
sorry for your loss of your beautiful daughter,
my heart, my love, comes all the way from
Portland, Maine to you and family.. ...
love to you all. ...Lisa Hanna
I am praying for Laci, Conner, and all the Rochas.   I hope they will have strength
in the future.  I weep for their loss. 
May God give them strength and the
love of each other give them comfort.
I have never taken the time to write a letter or
email anyone in my 45 years of life that I did not
know on a personal level..  I have thought over
and over again why this happened.  I am constantly wondering why Laci.  Why she was taken.  Why
couldn't this situation have taken such a different
turn.  Laci could have pulled through the loss of
her marriage.  Especially with the birth of her son
and the support of her loving family.   All this for someone's freedom.  From what?  Laci.  
The most selfish act anyone could commit.

It seems so strange to be so touched by some
complete strangers life.  It's just her smile. 
It beamed.  I wish I could stop the hands of time
to be able to go back and stop the fateful day. 
I am truly sorry for your loss.  Not only the
loss of your beautiful daughter but the loss
of your grandson, nephew, friend Conner.

I just wanted you to know that some stranger
from somewhere you may have never been
before has unfortunately had a look into the
lives of your family. My only wish is that somehow
I could take that pain away.  Unfortunately that
could never happen.  I feel compelled to find
some poem, write something that could make
you feel better, touch you in some way. 
I also know that's a temporary fix.

I am  sorry that I couldn't just write something
short, just a prayer, a note of some kind without
going over the painful side (the questions
hat we can't answer or understand)

You know maybe Laci could be thought of as a
saint  When I think of saints I think of someone's
life that had great and profound meaning. 
Someone that a great number
of people could not forget.

Thank you for letting me share my feelings.


Dear Sharon;                                                    11/13/04

I was pregant while Laci was pregnant and had gone missing.
I was terrified that someone was kidnapping pregant women
and taking there babies. I was more careful in my
day to day life knowing that Laci was missing.

The first time I saw Scott Peterson interviewed I had this
sick feeling that he had taken her from you. Ever since, I
have waited for today and to hear that he will never be
able to hurt anyone else again. I am so sorry for your
loss. My family grieves with you as we have all cried
for you, Laci, Conner and your family and friends.

Please know that the world prays for you. I am now the mother
of 2 girls and the thought of anyone hurting them terrifies me
like nothing else could. As a mother and a kindred spirit to Laci.
We will never forget her or Conner. We will thank God everyday
for caring for her and letting her watch over and care for all of
the other babies in heaven and to be a mother to them all.

It was obvious in how you spoke of Laci that God will
use her spirit to guide and protect all of the babies in
his kingdom. We can all feel safety and strength
in knowing she watches over all of us.

God Bless You ,  Sincerely,  Lisa
As a sibling of a murder victim I am so
glad that Laci & Conner got justice.
Your site is a very touching tribute to
them both and it shows just how much
the two were loved and still are. My
love and prayers are with her family.
It is no easy thing to go through the
loss of a loved one and even harder
due to murder. From the pictures of
Laci that i have seen...I can tell she
was happy at being pregnant and
looking forward to her son's birth. Although i know the family misses
them both greatly I am glad they are
in Heaven together. Please give her
family my love, prayers and wishes
that the days ahead for them are
a little easier to handle.
Lois - Yakima, Washington