I have been following
the entire Laci Story
And my heart goes
out to her family.

I was reading the defense witnesses in the paper and how his (Scott's) family would be devastated and it was just not an
option for him to be put to death…what about Laci, she and
her family didn’t get to decide her fate and future.  Why do a
lot of these NO names get to give their opinions? It just
doesn’t seem fair to the memory of Laci and her baby Conner,
or to her family that survives her and has to listen to this
crap.  In plain English. It is obvious he was a pig, he didn’t
care enough for her to be faithful…doesn’t that say a lot a
bout his character, why are we even questioning it?
He was found guilty of killing his wife and unborn child,
proven a consistent liar and cheater,
doesn’t that answer
the question of his first 30 years
. It makes me so angry to
see that smiling face and to know that he gets a chance to
plea for his life…what about Laci’s pleas to live and be a mother…they went unheard when he took her life, a life he supposedly loved and cherished…he shows what he wants
you to see..I don’t care about privilege, there are a lot of
people out there with the same upbringing and they haven’t
killed anyone! Sorry, to vent just stating the obvious,
I  know I can’t be the only one who sees it this way….

God is forgiving, Scott needs to be punished here and now
…God saw that he was found guilty, we the people need to
punish him here where he committed his crime…living
would make his life a living Hell, but death might put
Laci’s family at peace.

Thank you for listening…
I love your site and visit almost daily for updates.

Carrie Anne
"To The Rocha Family
So Sorry About Your Loss"

Lorraine Quiroz  ~ San Jose,CA ~ Guestbook







Dear Mrs. Rocha,
First of all accept my deeply sorrow of
your loss , your beautiful  daughter and
baby-boy named Conner. I am the Russian woman. Since this tragedy I could not stop crying...and thinking about Laci, her last moments of life.   Angriness is not right
feelings, but I can not do anything with
that... I hate him...And specially in these
days when his relatives, friends taken
a stand saying how good he is and go on
go on. Golf??? This is ridiculous. How
they dare to saying this?! That bastard
(sorry) took two beautiful lives!
He deserves to die.Sorry if I hurt your
feelings... No words to say how sorry
I am...I'll always remember your angel,
your Laci....baby angel your Conner....
Sincerely,Nataliya Kurbatova