Peterson trial hears witness testimony
July 6, 2004
By Brian Skoloff, The Associated Press

Testimony in Scott Peterson's double-murder trial turned Tuesday to
the discovery of his pregnant wife's fetus near San Francisco Bay.

A dog walker found the boy's remains in grassy marshland on the shores
of San Francisco Bay.  Michael Looby said he and his wife were walking
their dog along the bay on April 13, 2003, when he saw something in a marsh.

"It was a body of a small baby," he said.

"It was a, a, a body of a, um, small baby," the first dog owner, Michael Looby, recalled, his voice shaking.

Asked by a prosecutor if he knew immediately that the severely decomposed
remains were those of an infant, Looby said, "I knew it was right away," adding that
he and his wife walked to a nearby home and asked the residents to call 911.

Laci's mother, stepfather and brother left court before Looby began testifying and remained
outside as
Elena Gonzalez and other witnesses took the stand. Peterson's parents and
sister-in-law stared down at the floor and did not look at the most graphic photos.

Prosecutors say Peterson killed his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, around Christmas 2002.
They say he wanted to be free of his marriage and fatherhood so he could pursue a relationship
with a massage therapist,
Amber Frey, who was under the impression that he was unmarried.

Investigators say Scott dumped the body of his wife in San Francisco Bay.
They theorize
Conner detached from her body after her death.

Laci's body washed ashore a day later, not far from where the remains of the child were found.

But defense lawyers say Laci was kidnapped by assailants as she walked her dog near her and
Scott's home in Modesto. The defense says Laci was killed and her body dumped to frame Peterson.

"My prayers and love go out to her family"
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